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We believe in Plants.

Plants transform spaces, elevate your mood, boost your creativity and 
improve your health. We all can use a little help sometimes. 

We do it for You.

With a full-service design for residential houses and commercial spaces, you can bring green into your home, office, and restaurant.

What Our Customers Say

Nisu samo lijepe biljke, već posebna njega i stalna pomoć Roxane koja mi je najboljim savjetima pomogla da moje biljke rastu lijepe i zdrave.
Claudia Miličević
I have bought several plants from Vivero. I couldn’t be happier. I am a notorious plant murderer, but Vivero helped me pick out plants that would be realistically easy for me to care for and then provided guidance on how to care for them.
Sara Dyson
Zadovoljstvo mi je bilo pronaći željene egzotične biljke u svom susjedstvu, po vrlo pristupačnim cijenama u Vašem web shopu!
Joško Rubelj


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